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Crone’s Corner

Why I’m a Happy Crone

When hearing the label “Crone” most folks think of a haggard old woman. In fairy tales the Crone is a stock character of the nasty old woman, often capable of trickery and spells. I’m not that kind of Crone. The Crone description that works for me is the archetypal figure of a Wise Woman who has lived through a her younger phases of Maiden and Mother to gain the wisdom of those years and experiences. That wisdom allows a Crone aged woman to settle into her true self with gratitude and acceptance that brings, at least for me, happiness and that’s how I endeavor to be a “Happy Crone”.

There are many things that make this old Crone happy like family, friends, pets, and nature, which are list toppers, but included in those things is writing. I’m not sure why or how I ended up being this way but writing and words make me happy. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. This page is for whatever this old crone feels like sharing. We’ll see what lands here in the future.